Come and be a part of our wonderful facility with state of the art equipment such as a 2" x 42' x 56' carpet bounded foam spring floor, 16' x 24' standard gymnastics spring floor, 40' trampoline tumbling track, four over-head spotting belts and a 7' x 14' US String Bed trampoline! A viewing area is available downstairs in the lobby, so parents can see their athlete's in action! For those interested in a quiet room to read or work, we have an additional room upstairs with comfortable seating and a second viewing window.

We're easily accessible right off of 580 (1-2 minutes away), with a Starbucks and various popular eateries located right at the exit. Our plaza also offers some other great businesses including a cafe, nail salon, pet grooming shop, musical arts center, mini-market and more!

WestCoast proudly supports acrobatic gymnastics and is home to the only Acrobatic Gymnastics team in the Livermore / Pleasanton area. With success in both national and international competitions, WestCoast's Acrobatic Gymnastics Team proudly maintains the reputation as one of the best competitive teams in the United States!


We are also home to Kristen Allen and Michael Rodrigues; the first mixed pair to win GOLD in Acrobatic Gymnastics at the World Games, and the second to win GOLD at the World Championships for the USA!



"At WestCoast, my daughter has blossomed into a confident athlete. She has learned life skills -- discipline, hard work, perseverance through adversity, focus, etc. -- that carry over into all other areas of her life. The head coach balances high expectations with positive coaching techniques, resulting in athletes who work to their highest potential. I am forever grateful to the fantastic staff of coaches at West Coast for showing confidence in my daughter and helping her achieve her lofty goals in the sport of Acro!"

- Julie C. 

"We love the lessons our girls are being taught from such a young age. Lessons they may not even be aware of yet...commitment and hard work. The camaraderie of Team, their constant positivity and the kindness of this group is a big reason why we as parents love having our children a part of West Coast." 

- Kristi G.

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