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What do our classes offer?

Our classes focus on basic gymnastic skills, acrobatic techniques and floor tumbling with emphasis placed on developing strong basic skills and coordination. All classes were created to help boys and girls enjoy the sport of gymnastics at their own pace while building body awareness and self-esteem. Below is a list of our levels and skill descriptions within those levels. 

For easy viewing from our comfortable lobby we have Live-Streaming TVs displaying what's going on in the gym and Tiny Tumblers room. Our Tiny Tumblers room is located upstairs and parents can enjoy our additional viewing room upstairs with Live-Streaming TVs displaying what's going on in the gym and Tiny Tumblers room. 

Every 8 weeks, our students all be Star Chart tested. They bring home those Star Charts for parents to see as well. Students and parents know it's time to move up in level when they pass their Star Charts!



What about the rest of the family?
Go ahead! Our family discount is the regular price for the first sibling, and 15% off additional siblings. Discount applies to the lower tuition.

Have questions or would rather sign-up by email/phone?

Tuition Rates (charged monthly)
Rate is per class:

Rec Classes 1x per week:

45 min - $24       

1 Hour - $26       

1.5 Hours - $37


Acro Pre-Team: $45 per class 

Multi-class discount:

15% off additional classes with equal or lower tuition rate

Family discount:

15% off additional siblings with equal or lower tuition rate

Annual Membership Fee: $50

Private Coaching
(email us for more info.): 

Single student (per hour): $70

2 Students (per person per hour): $40

*Rate can vary by $10 depending on coach

*Special rates for Team


Punch Passes

Adult Gym & Open Gym Rates:


Single Day Punch Pass:

- Member Rate $15

- Non-member Rate $18


5-Class Punch Pass, $3 discount per class:

- Member Rate $60

- Non-member Rate $75


Age Ranges:

Open Gym - 5-16 years old

Adult Gym - 16+ years old


Skill Level Descriptions:

See our skill level descriptions below with our age ranges. 


Tiny Tumblers - Beginning 45-min gymnastics for ages 3-5

Gym 1 (Ages 5+ ) - Forward and backward rolls, handstands,

cartwheels, and bridge holds


Gym 2 - Headstands, bridge kick-overs, and round-offs


Gym 3 - Front limbers, round-offs, and walkovers


Gym 4 - Front & back handsprings, front flips


Gym 5 -  Aerials, back flips, and layouts

Gym 6 - Front aerials, twisting, and standing tucks


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