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Signing Up:​​

-----> Review our COVID-19 Safety Plan HERE before signing-up. Please note, there are no free trials or class make-ups being offered. 

-----> Click one of the class level buttons above and choose your class day & time, then click REGISTER.

-----> You'll be automatically directed to a new Online Waiver.

-----> NEW MEMBERS: Fill out the new Online Waiver. Please put in the following to make it easier to register for class. 

             ->All required info with a red asterisk    ->Parent Portal password    ->Payment information

-----> RETURNING MEMBERS: click the "Already a customer? Click here to login." button at the top of the page which              directs you to our Parent Portal. 

-----> Both new and returning members will then be directed to our Parent Portal.

-----> Please finish registration for all the classes you wish to enroll in for all your children. Please also update payment            information if necessary, check-out and make payment to finalize your registration. If payment is not made, we              will contact you to finalize payment however, registration is not completed until payment it finalized.

-----> A final email will be sent to you to confirming your registration is complete. 


What do our classes offer?

Our classes focus on basic gymnastic skills, acrobatic techniques and floor tumbling with emphasis placed on developing strong basic skills and coordination. All classes were created to help boys and girls enjoy the sport of gymnastics at their own pace while building body awareness and self-esteem. Below is a list of our levels and skill descriptions within those levels. 

Parent viewing is not an option right now due to COVID-19, therefore we are offering to email a small video at the end of each month to our student's parents so they can see their progression. 

Every 8 weeks, our students all be Star Chart tested. They bring home those Star Charts for parents to see as well. Students and parents know it's time to move up in level when they pass their Star Charts!



What about the rest of the family?
Go ahead! Our family discount is the regular price for the first sibling, and 15% off additional siblings. Discount applies to the lower tuition.

Have questions or would rather sign-up by email/phone?

Tuition Rates (charged monthly):

Rec Classes 1x per week       45-min   60-min   90-min              Rate is per class:         $21       $23        $34


Acro Pre-Team: $45 per class 

Multi-class discount: 15% off your total 

Family discount: 15% off additional

siblings with the lower tuition rate

Annual Membership Fee

*Not charging Annual Membership Fee currently due to the pandemic. When we determine the best course of action for our annual membership fee, we will communicate that to all of our members. 

Private Coaching (email us for more info.): 

Single student (per hour):                 $70

2 Students (per person per hour):      $40

*Rate can vary by $10 depending on coach

*Special rates for Team

Adult Gym & Open Gym Rates:


Single Class: $12 per class


Open Gym notes:

*Athletes ages 3-5yr must have a parent participant until approved by Open Gym coach they can participate on their own 


Important factors to please consider before signing up for our classes:

  • All parents of students returning must sign our new liability waiver.

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to check-in and also be on time for pick-up after class.

  • All students, parents and staff must follow the protocols as outlined in our COVID -19 Safety Plan. Find that information be clicking HERE.

  • Parents and siblings are allowed into the lobby to watch classes. 

  • Please make sure students wear comfortable, tight fitted clothing they can move around in that isn’t loose and can flip over the head while upside-down. No buttons, zippers or jeans. Hair below the shoulders must be worn in a ponytail or bun. 

  • Please have students bring a water bottle. We now have a brand-new water fountain that has a specific design to re-fill water bottles. If a students forgets their water bottle that day, we will provide them with a disposable cup however, it's best they bring their own water bottle. Students are also allowed to drink directly from the water fountain if they wish. 

  • Regarding levels, we recognize that students may have not been to class in quite some time or are coming for a different gym. Our coaches are ready to help students get back into gymnastics safely. Please keep in mind they may not be the same skill level and they will need to rebuild their basics. Students need to be reminded that it's okay to go down in level, rebuild their basics, and if they stay committed they will move back up in level quickly and that is perfectly normal. We will be evaluating all the students and communicating where they are and what's best for their development. Please have this conversation with your student(s) so they are prepared. 

  • Our front desk is closed so questions regarding classes, payments, enrollment, etc. can be made either by email:

  • Classes are continuous (month-to-month) once enrolled. To drop a class, please email before the end of the current month.

  • We do not offer make-ups classes for missed classes. 

  • There are no refunds or credits provided for missed classes. No exceptions. 

  • Tuition rates are determined by the number of enrolled class days there are in each month so tuition can vary slightly. Invoices are sent out on the 26th of each month and tuition is charged on the 1st of each month.

  • Remember our Parent Portal is a great tool that can assist in enrollment, updating payment information, looking over transactions and viewing your current and potential classes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. To finalize class enrollment, please input your payment information and during check-out, please finalize payment. Please note we are processing all payments through Parent Portal and the system automatically signs you up for AutoPay which will automatically be used to pay your balance at the beginning of each month.

Skill Level Descriptions:

See our skill level descriptions below with our age ranges. 


Tiny Tumblers - Beginning 45-min gymnastics for ages 3-5

Gym 1 (Ages 5+ ) - Forward and backward rolls, handstands,

cartwheels, and bridge holds


Gym 2 - Headstands, bridge kick-overs, and round-offs


Gym 3 - Front limbers, round-offs, and walkovers


Gym 4 - Front & back handsprings, front flips


Gym 5 -  Aerials, back flips, and layouts

Gym 6 - Front aerials, twisting, and standing tucks