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Team & Pre-Team!

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Our Competitive Acrobatics Team 

WestCoast proudly supports acrobatic gymnastics and is home to the only Acrobatic Gymnastics team in the Livermore / Pleasanton area. With success in both national and international competitions, WestCoast's Acrobatic Gymnastics Team proudly maintains the reputation as one of the best competitive teams in the United States!


We are also home to Kristen Allen and Michael Rodrigues; the first mixed pair to win GOLD in Acrobatic Gymnastics at the World Games, and the second to win GOLD at the World Championships for the USA!
At the 2022 World Championships, our women's group of Cassidy Cu, Eily Corbett and Victoria Blante won GOLD for their balance routine and BRONZE over-all! 



Evaluations for Team Try-Outs

Friday, July 8th - 5p-6:30p

Our 2022-2023 WestCoast Acrobatic Gymnastics Competitive Team Season Try-Outs will begin soon! We are trying something new this season and will be hosting evaluations for Team Try-Outs on Friday, July 8th 5p-6:30p at WestCoast for any students ages 5+ (and parents) interested in having their athlete try-out for team. At the evaluations we will determine their skill level, ability to listen and follow directions/rules, and their willingness/ability to work with others in a partnership.

Below is the Team Packet with all the necessary details provided about the team and the commitment. We highly recommend reading over this packet before signing up for evaluations for Team Try-Outs to make sure team is the right fit for your family. Ideally, we ask the athletes are at least level Gym 2 or higher. The prerequisite skills are outlined in the packet attached. However, if you believe your athlete has the skill level and maturity to be on a competitive team, we encourage them to come to the evaluation. 

One important note to interested parents: Most athletes new to Team start off on "State Track" and therefore only attend "local" competitions which spans no farther then Sacramento. We understand commitment to Team sports can be a big undertaking, so we try to make it as easy as possible by asking new Team members to commit to only local competitions as well as keeping costs low as possible.  If we believe your athlete can automatically be bumped to Regional or National track their first year, we will make sure that is an option with you as parents first. 

WestCoast's competitive team is an incredibly rewarding experience for athletes. It requires commitment, hard-work and most important, it's fun! Athletes develop a sense of unity within the team events, competitions and practices. They learn what it takes to work together and communicate in a partnership and to be accountable. It's a great place for athletes of all skill level and age to gain important life experiences that only partnered competitive sports bring at an early age!  

If you are unable to attend July 8th. please email us and we will schedule a separate, quick one! 

Email us to sign up for our evaluation on

Friday, July 18th, have any questions,

please email us.

2022-2023 Team Packet Details







WestCoast PRE-TEAM


The goals of the Pre-Team are:


- To introduce basic concepts of Acrobatic Gymnastics (Acro) such as learning a routine, working in a partnership, learning Acro skills, and improving floor tumbling.

- To provide a more focused environment than the recreational classes for athletes who wish to try-out for team one day.

The monthly tuition for Pre-Team is $40 per class and is 1.5-hours long one day a week. Students do need to be pre-approved to join our Pre-Team by either requesting an evaluation from their class coach or a Pre-Team coach. Coaches who recognize students with potential will also invite them to join Pre-Team.

Our Pre-Team is the best way for athletes to try Acro and improve their individual strength and flexibility.  The athletes have a lot of fun working together to accomplish daily goals that teach the basic fundamentals of being on a team.


Pre-Team Class is on Wednesdays 5:00-6:30p. To sign-up for Pre-Team, click HERE

For more information on how to enroll your athlete onto Pre-Team,

contact us via email:

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