COVID-19 Safety Plan

Updated 7/8/2020 - Below is a message from the owner. If you are interested in our camp information, please scroll down to PHASE #4, which is the phase we are currently in. 

Dear Valued WestCoast Members,  


I want to first personally thank everyone who has reached out to check on the business and I during this difficult time. I really appreciate your kind words and support! I wanted to provide a positive update that WestCoast Training Center is staying in business and I am excited for the day we can completely reopen! I have worked very hard to do what’s best for the business and provide the stability necessary for it as I believe that is my responsibility to our members, students and community. I am very thankful for my financial advisor and accountant who not only have been advising and supporting me through this time but years ago have helped set me up to prepare for an emergency if one ever came. Lastly, I am thankful for all the athletes who have kept me positive and determined to work through this so I can see all their happy faces again. 


While we are eager to re-open back to normal, I want to communicate how important it is to all of us here at WestCoast Training Center to do what is necessary to keep our students, members, staff and coaches healthy. Therefore we will continue to follow the guidelines put in place by the CDC, our State, and the Alameda County Public Health Department. As of right now, we will continue to be closed for all our normal gymnastics, tumbling and team practices including special events such as Kids Night Out, birthday parties, and open gym. We are about two health orders away from reopening per the Alameda County Reopening Plan. (See below.)

The Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD) Health Order NO. 20-11 allows summer camps to operate, provided they provide protective measures as directed by the Health Order.  I have consulted a member of the health department and WestCoast Training Center is an approved facility under the guidelines of summer camps that we normally offer at this time. I have also been informed that we are encouraged to open by the county as they want businesses to reopen. It’s just important we follow the appropriate protocols set forth by the ACPHD and CDC.  

The ACPHD issued a new report on 6/29/20 stating a pause in the reopening. WestCoast Training Center is still approved to operate our summer camps however, the chart above regarding when we can reopen for classes and other events has been put on-hold for now. The link to that update can be found here.


In order to prepare appropriately, I implemented at a soft-reopening on June 8th with a summer camp for our competitive team. I put together a complete document of guidelines for a safe reopening and our summer camp staff was trained on all our new procedures and safety measures. Over the course of three weeks I implemented three phases. The first phase began with just one stable group of 12 students or fewer athletes. (Stable meaning that the same 12 athletes or fewer athletes are in the same group each day.) Also, the coach leading the summer camp remained solely with the one group of students and did not change at all during the entire week. The second week we increased to two different stable groups of 12 athletes, with their beginning and start time of the camp being staggered by 15 minutes so the groups would arrive at different times per the recommended safety of the ACPHD. Other guidelines were implemented where each group has been assigned to separate spaces/rooms. The groups will not mix with each other, and the students are not allowed to change from one group to another at any time once they are assigned to their group at the beginning of the summer camp week.


Phase three includes three different stable groups of 12 students. The same rules will apply regarding the same consistent coach throughout the week, groups staggering their start/end time, staying in their designated areas and not mixing with other groups. 


I, along with our staff, feel very confident about our new procedures and safety measures. We have received a lot of positive feedback regarding our new safety measures and so WestCoast is very happy to announce we have began hosting summer camps for our recreational students in July! 

Thank you again for your continued support. I will update our COVID-19 Safety Plan as the Health Order is updated directly related to gyms and WestCoast Training Center. Please feel free to email me anytime with questions and/or concerns. 

Sincerely and in good health,

Marie Annonson

Owner & Program Director

WestCoast Training Center



Starting Monday, July 6th, WestCoast Training Center would like to begin Phase #4 of reopening by providing a summer camp for our recreational students. We will begin with ages 5 and up. Unfortunately, we will not be able to have ages 3-4 participate yet. Our summer camps will be every week in July from 9am-12pm. Each week is considered one camp and will be from 9am-12pm, and then separated by 15 minutes (see those details in PHASE #5). 


Below are the phases we plan to implement along with the ACPHD guidelines and requirements we plan to follow to keep our summer camp safe for everyone while providing a fun, gymnastics-learning event for our students:


PHASE #4, July 6th-10th:

  1. We will host a summer camp each weekday, Monday thru Friday from 9am-12pm. Each evening, WestCoast will be cleaned following the CDC & ACPHD guidelines. 

  2. Our summer camp in Phase #4 will be carried out in ONE stable group of 12 or fewer students. Stable meaning that the same 12 or fewer athletes are in the same group each day. We will begin with one group only. This will allow us time to comfortably and safely ease into summer camps with our recreational students. 

  3. WestCoast staff will be assigned to a group and will remain solely with that group of students during the entire week.

  4. Our staff has been trained and are prepared to follow all appropriate protocols set forth by WCTC, ACPHD and the CDC. Our guidelines for a safe reopening will be readily available for staff to review if a situation arises that needs specific attention regarding COVID-19, or any of our new or existing safety procedures. 

    1. Four different sanitizing stations have been set-up throughout our facility. These are clearly marked by a sign and provide hand sanitizer through a hands-free automatic dispenser, sanitizer spray and paper towels. These four stations are located in the lobby, the gym near the restroom, the lobby hallway near the second restroom and right when you get upstairs before entering the multi-purpose room. Signs with the protocols set forth by the ACPHD and CDC for our facility are also posted at these stations.  

    2. When dropping off your student at our facility gym, everyone will wait in line on the social distancing markings in front of WestCoast Training Center. It is now required by Alameda County that everyone wear a face covering, even when outside, if you are within 30 feet of people outside of your family. Children 12 and under are not required to wear face coverings. Please make sure to follow that new protocol set in place starting June 8th. At the entrance of our building on the outside, a trained staff member will be taking each athlete’s temperature, making sure to ask them these necessary questions in person for verification they are cleared and answer any other questions the parent or athlete has. Here will be those steps:

      • Take their temperature with a contactless thermometer. If they have a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, they will not be allowed to participate. 

      • Ask the following questions. If they answer yes to any of the following, they will not be allowed to participate. 

      • Do you have any shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?

      • Do you have a loss of taste or smell?

      • Do you have a sore throat, chills, or muscle pain?

      • Has anyone in your house been sick?

      • Have you been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19 in the last two weeks?

    3. Parents must stay with their child until they are completely cleared. When cleared, we will mark them present that day for camp and they can enter the lobby. They will be asked to follow the pathway into the gym, and use hand sanitizer before entering the gym. We recommend arriving 10 minutes before their start time. Please try your very best to be between 10 minutes early to on-time.

    4. Regarding who enters the facility, we kindly request for now everyone understands it important to take strict measures, so please no parents inside the lobby unless absolutely necessary. If necessary, only one parent will be allowed in the lobby at a time to drop off and escort them in. Parents must wear a mask inside the lobby. They will not be allowed to enter the gym. 

    5. Staff will take attendance so parents do not need to sign-in and out their athletes.

    6. During the summer camp, anyone feeling or showing signs of sickness or a fever will be quarantined until they can leave, all other parents of the students in attendance will be informed someone left sick, and we have strict measures in place to sanitize the facility to be extra cautious.  

    7. During the summer camp, staff are required to wear a mask and are to maintain the 6-feet social distance at all times. 

    8. Coaches will be completely hands free and have no physical contact with any athletes unless necessary such as saving them from an unsafe situation. Parents of the student will be informed if contact was made in such events. 

    9. All doors, including the roll-up door in the gym will remain open during the summer camp to provide suitable airflow throughout the facility and to avoid unnecessary touching of door handles where appropriate. 

    10. In between each summer camp day, our facility will be cleaned by a professional company following the procedures in place by WCTC, ACPHD and the CDC. 


PHASE #5, July 13th-17th - Additionally to the above points in PHASE #4:

  1. In Phase #5, TWO different groups of 12 or less athletes will be allowed.

  2. Summer Camp for Group 2 will be held Monday thru Friday from 9:15am-12:15pm since staggering the start and end time is recommended for safety per the ACPHD. 

  3. If more than one group of 12 athletes are at one facility, each group will be in separate spaces/rooms. The gym has been divided into two different spaces using our big pipe & drape competition set-up. The pipe & drape reaches all the way from one wall to the other with just enough space from athletes & staff to walk around on each side. They also reach up to 16 feet in height. The drape fabric are extremely heavy and are pinned together in order to make this a very safe and more then adequate divider for the groups.    

  4. Groups will not mix with each other. 

  5. The groups will change spaces at the same time in a circular rotation so they do not pass each other. Before moving into the new space, that area where the group was prior will be cleaned. 

  6. Athletes will not be allowed to change from one group to another at any time once they are assigned to their group at the beginning of the summer camp week.

PHASE #6, July 20th-24th & July 27th-31st - Additionally to the above points in Phase #4 & #5:

  1. In Phase #6, THREE different groups of 12 or less athletes will be allowed if we receive enough sign-ups necessary for three groups.

  2. Summer Camp for Group 3 will be held Monday thru Friday from 9:30am-12:30pm since staggering the start and end time is recommended for safety per the ACPHD. 

  3. The third space being used for our Summer Camp will be our upstairs multi-purpose room. The groups will change spaces at the same time in a circular rotation so they do not pass each other. Before moving into the new space, that area where the group was prior will be cleaned. 


Important factors to please consider before signing up for our summer camp:

  • Unfortunately no one-day signups can be allowed. To honor the required group of 12 or less athletes, even if your child cannot attend the entire week of the summer camp, they still need to sign-up for the week. No prorated registration will be provided. 

  • In compliance with the ACPHD, we are not required to social distance the students within their controlled group of 12 or less along with their coach (as long as the coach is wearing a mask and 6-feet social distancing) during the week of the summer camp including they are not required them to wear masks and gloves. Those may be worn at the discretion of the parent. However, please keep in mind that activities such as jumping on a trampoline may make it very difficult to keep on a mask. 

  • All parents of students returning must sign our new liability waiver.

  • Groups are not required to use different restroom facilities but are required to use social distancing protocols going to and from, and while using the restroom. However, groups will be assigned to one specific bathroom and highly encouraged to only use their assigned restroom. 

  • Snacks will be provided, they will not include nuts, gluten or dairy. Students can bring their own snacks if desired. Please make sure any snacks brought from home are nut-free. 

  • We now have a water fountain however, we will not be allowing the athletes to drink directly from the water fountain. They will only be allowed to use the contactless feature to refill their water bottle with cold, filtered water. If preferred, or a water bottle is forgotten that day, we will provide your student with a plastic disposable water bottle that day. 


Sign-Up Information:

If you are interested in signing up for our summer camps, please email us a response to with the specific weeks you want your student to join along with the name of your child(ren) you would like to enroll. Sign ups will be honored at a first come, first serve basis. Additional sign-up information:

  • In July we will be offering summer camps each week from 9am-12pm. If we get enough interest, we would like to potentially open up another summer camp time option from 1pm-4pm. 

  • The July Summer Camp registration is below. We offer a discount the more weeks you sign up. 

          Member Rate: $175

           Non-Member Rate: $195

           Additional sibling discount: $25 off

           Sign-up for 2 camps - Take 5% total

           Sign-up for 3 of more camps - Take 10% off total 

  • Please go to our WestCoast Parent Portal, read over our updated liability waiver and sign it before arriving for the first day of camp. This is required for every participating student returning to train at WestCoast Training Center. Students won’t be able to participate if the new liability is not signed. To avoid any confusion, after reading our liability waiver in the Parent Portal system, clicking the “agree” button is considered the equivalent to signing the liability waiver. If you have never used our Parent Portal, it is very easy! Your username is the email you used when signing up with us. If you haven’t set a password, or forgot it, simply click “forgot password” and it will prompt instructions on how to reset/create your new password. Here is the link:

  • Regarding payment, we will be charging everyone through their account as that is the most safest way to process payment at this time. When you are in the Parent Portal resigning the liability waiver, please make sure to also check your card information.  



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