COVID-19 Safety Plan

Detailed plan - Updated 8/4/2021:

Masks Guidelines: WestCoast is continually trying to make the best decision for what is important for the business, what is important for the safety of the community and the other important factor which is safety of the athletes while training. The plan for now  is to continue to allow wearing masks optional for vaccinated people. If and when it's decided to move in a different direction, members will be updated. Our apologies for the constant changes in COVID guidelines. Reminder the rule also allows for children ages 7 and below to not wear masks as well. Anyone 8+ that are unvaccinated should wear masks the entire time at WestCoast.  

As a small business, our goal is to provide a safe and excellent service to our customers, and stay open to prevent from going out of business. At the same time we worry for the safety of our staff, students and their families and want to comply with the County and State requirements. The County and State Health Departments have deemed us eligible to stay open, so we plan to stay open.

Answers to our most commonly asked questions: 

- Are we offering trial classes? No. We cannot offer Trial classes in order to keep our class groups as stable as possible for COVID compliance.  

- Once signed up, are classes continuos? Yes, students remained enrolled in their class until we receive an emailed drop request 30 days prior to the next month.  

Are you offering private coaching sessions or events? Yes, we are now offering Private Coaching Sessions. A list of available coaches can be sent by email upon request. 

These protocols will continue to be in place for our recreational program: 

  • Cleaning procedures (see below under COVID Safety Protocols & Guidelines) 

  • Keeping amount of students in the gym to less the 75% occupancy

  • Spotting a student on skills when necessary

  • Unvaccinated Staff are required to wear face coverings and socially distance at all times

  • Viewing in lobby is open. All unvaccinated spectators must wearing face coverings

  • Students wearing face coverings - WCTC requires all students 8 years and above to wear face coverings who are not vaccinated. Coaches will make sure to adjust training to work with the athletes wearing masks, and making sure the athletes are safe and can conduct their training program while making adjustments such as cardio training that will keep them safe and healthy.


Classes Exempt from Face Covering regardless of vaccination status are:

        · Tiny Tumblers - Ages 3-5 - Exempt from both face covering and social distancing 

        · Gym 1 to Gym 7 - Ages 7 and below - Exempt from face covering but must socially distance 

        ***Note: Gym 1 to Gym 7 - Ages 8 and up - Must wear face covering if not vaccinated 

COVID Safety Protocols & Guidelines:

  1. WestCoast Training Center is allowed the maximum number 75% inside the facility at one time. 

  2. In order for the class to get the fullest out of their training and not mix groups as best as possible, we do not allow make-ups another classes. 

  3. WestCoast staff will be assigned to a class and will remain solely with that class. 

  4. Our staff have been trained and are prepared to follow all appropriate protocols set forth by WCTC, ACPHD and the CDC. Our Safety Guidelines will be readily available for staff to review if a situation arises that needs specific attention regarding COVID-19, or any of our other new or existing safety procedures. 

    1. Four different sanitizing stations have been set-up throughout our facility. These are clearly marked by a sign and provide hand sanitizer through a hands-free automatic dispenser, sanitizer spray and paper towels. These four stations are located in the lobby, the gym near the restroom, the lobby hallway near the second restroom and right when you get upstairs before entering the multi-purpose room. Signs with the protocols set forth by the ACPHD and CDC for our facility are also posted at these stations.  

    2. When dropping off your student at our facility gym, a trained staff member will be taking each athlete’s temperature. Bringing you and your athlete to our facility means 

      • They do not have a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher.

      • They answer NO to all of the following questions. (If they answer yes to any of the following, they will not be allowed to participate.)

        • Do you have any shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?

        • Do you have a loss of taste or smell?

        • Do you have a sore throat, chills, or muscle pain?

        • Has anyone in your house been sick?

        • Have you been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19 in the last two weeks?

  5. Parents must stay with their child until they are completely cleared. When cleared, we will mark them present that day for class and they can enter the gym after using some hand sanitizer. We recommend arriving 10 minutes before their start time. Please try your very best to be between 10 minutes early to on-time.

  6. Regarding who enters the facility, we kindly request unvaccinated spectators over the age of 8 wear a face covering.

  7. During class, if anyone is feeling or showing signs of sickness or a fever will be quarantined until they can leave, all other parents of the students in attendance will be informed someone left sick, and we have strict measures in place to sanitize the facility to be extra cautious.  

  8. Unvaccinated Staff are required to wear a mask and are to maintain distance unless spotting gymnastics skills that necessary for the safety of the student. Please email us if you do not want your student(s) spotted while learning gymnastics skills. 

  9. As long as the weather is not too hot or cold outside, all doors including the roll-up door in the gym will remain open during classes to provide suitable airflow throughout the facility and to avoid unnecessary touching of door handles where appropriate. 

  10. In between each class, staff will clean the areas used by the students. Every evening, our facility will be cleaned by a professional company following the procedures in place by WCTC, ACPHD and the CDC. 

  11. If we are notified someone came to our facility with a positive COVID test, we will immediately notify all our parents, staff and coaches who attended training that day (or days). Transparency to all our members and staff is very important to us so each family can make the best decision for their situation. We will require all students, staff and coaches in close contact with that person to both get tested and if negative, quarantine for 10 days (per the CDC). If positive, quarantine for 14 days and return back with a new test showing they are negative. Additionally, a professional cleaning crew will completely sanitize the facility before we reopen. 


Important factors to please consider before signing up for our classes:

  • Enrollment is for an entire month. No trials or one day sign-ups are offered. 

  • Make-ups are not being offered.

  • There are no refunds provided for missed classes. No exceptions. 

  • Classes are continuous (month-to-month) once enrolled.

  • You cannot transfer or drop class through our Parent Portal. To drop a class, please email ASAP.

  • All parents of students returning must sign our new liability waiver.

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to check-in and also be on time for pick-up after class. 

  • Please make sure students wear comfortable, tight fitted clothing they can move around in that isn’t loose and can flip over the head while upside-down. No buttons, zippers or jeans. Hair below the shoulders must be worn in a ponytail or bun. 

  • Please have students bring a water bottle. We now have a brand-new water fountain that has a specific design to re-fill water bottles. If a students forgets their water bottle that day, we will provide them with a disposable cup however, it's best they bring their own water bottle. Students will not be allowed to drink directly from the water fountain. 

  • Regarding levels, we recognize that students have not been to class in quite some time. Our coaches are ready to help students get back into gymnastics safely. Please keep in mind this may have effected their skill level and they will need to rebuild their basics. Students need to be reminded that it's okay to go down in level, rebuild their basics, and if they stay committed they will move back up in level quickly and that is perfectly normal. We will be evaluating all the students and communicating where they are and what's best for their development. Please have this conversation with your student(s) so they are prepared. 

  • Our front desk is closed so questions regarding classes, payments, enrollment, etc. can be made either by email:   

  • Tuition rates are determined by the number of enrolled class days there are in each month so tuition can vary slightly. Invoices are sent out on the 26th of each month and tuition is charged on the 1st of each month.

  • Remember our Parent Portal is a great tool that can assist in enrollment, updating payment information, looking over transactions and viewing your current and potential classes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. To finalize class enrollment, please input your payment information and during check-out, please finalize payment. Please note we are processing all payments through Parent Portal and the system automatically signs you up for AutoPay which will automatically be used to pay your balance at the beginning of each month.